Introduction to MLOps

Hands-on ML In Production

FourthBrain offers programs that help you advance your career in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This course is designed to teach you how to build and deploy a Machine Learning MVP with an MLOps infrastructure around it. You'll get:

  • Live online class sessions with instructors
  • Small collaborative groups
  • Project-based curriculum
  • Certificate of Completion

This is intended for students who have some experience in ML modeling and Python programming. Data Scientists, software engineers, and product managers who want to explore and learn more about AI and ML infrastructure will benefit from this course.

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Data-Centric AI and the AI product lifecycle

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Model serving and delivery
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Data and model management
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Automating ML pipelines & workflows
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Your Lead Instructor

Dr. Greg Loughnane resides in Silicon Valley and has over a decade of experience teaching and speaking about subjects that span engineering, mathematics, programming, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and data.

Greg is currently the Director of Education at FourthBrain where he oversees all educational products. He received his PhD. in Computational Design and Optimization and holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering. 

Instructor Greg Loughnane

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We are part of the AI Fund, founded by Andrew Ng. The AI Fund focuses on building great companies that move humanity forward. Just like electricity revolutionized the world, we believe that AI will now do the same.

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